What Doctors Pulled Out

What Doctors Pulled Out From This Woman’s Lip Is Just Unbelievable (Video)

You might read lots of stories in our website but this is going to be one of the special in them. So, those stories were full of shocking. Then here is the story which is very strange than that story. Now you have to check this.

Check what a young lady seen in her lips. This is the most stomach burning thing which you are going to read it today. You can’t be okay right after this.

The lip of the women was completely fat and she thought it was normal but..

It was too flat than she thought of it.

It was completely a maggot.

Yes! She was too young and will always carry a long maggot in her for everywhere and even she doesn’t know about it.

Then she went to the hospital and told about the maggot to the doctor.


Now Doctor made her to split and tried to full out larvae through her lip.

Then Doctor used the tweezers to get the tip of larvae in order to remove that maggot.

But the maggot was completely buried in the girls lip.

Now Doctor twisted the instrument that he was hold and pulled the larvae out easily.

You can’t imagine how big the thing was coming from her lips.

It was completely huge grosser during that process.

Oh! My God

It was a long yellow colored body which completely disturbing.


I really wonder is this maggot was inside the women’s lip.

This is totally disgusting me.

Whatever they finally removed it from her lips.

Even her lip was swollen due to the maggot present in it. You can look the same in the video and check the size of the maggot.

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